Information for patients

Welcome to the Neoligaments patient information section

This area of the site aims to provide you with a resource that you will hopefully find useful when discussing your options with your medical practitioner.

We have worked closely with orthopaedic surgeons to develop a wide range of surgical techniques and products for repair of tendon, ligament and joint injuries in the shoulder, knee and ankle joints. Please click below to find out more about causes of and typical treatment for different injuries, as well as how the healthy joint/tendon should function.

  • Causes of injuries
  • Treatments for specific injuries
  • General anatomy information

Your medical practitioner will be able to help you decide what is ultimately the best treatment option for you, but in the meantime we hope you will find this resource helpful and informative.

We welcome questions and comments from those who are considering using our products and those who have already had them implanted, but we cannot make any comment on individual case histories or offer any kind of medical opinion.

Please feel free to contact us.