For Fixation of Sutures and Tapes to Cortical Bone

The Fastlok is a titanium alloy staple and buckle fixation device, designed for fixation of sutures and tapes to cortical bone.


Various soft tissue and connective tissue repairs including:

  • Tendon repairs, transplants or transfers in which the tendon is connected to bone via sutures or tapes
  • Ligament repairs, reconstruction or replacement in which the ligament material is connected to bone via sutures or tapes
  • Prosthetic ligament reconstructions and the attachment of other synthetic materials to bone


Order codes

  • 102-1380 Fastlok, 6 mm x 23 mm (supplied sterile)
  • 102-1381 Fastlok, 8 mm x 23 mm (supplied sterile)
  • 202-1137 Impactor Assembly (non-sterile)
  • 202-1118 Sliding Hammer (non-sterile)

Features and benefits

  • Triple clamping action from staple and buckle, designed to minimize slippage under cyclic loading and to reduce risk of suture/graft loosening
  • No knotting of sutures/tapes required for fixation
  • Sharp points on legs allow easy penetration in bone, so no pre-drilling required
  • Low profile designed to minimize patient discomfort at implant site
  • Simple threading technique of sutures/tapes to the staple and buckle ensures tension is maintained throughout the fixation procedure
  • Manufactured from titanium alloy
  • Fastlok instruments can be cleaned and reused
  • Staples are firmly gripped by the Impactor Assembly. This makes the Fastlok instrument easy to use for insertion and removal from the bone
  • A benefit of the Fastlok instruments is that the narrow end of the Impactor Assembly is designed for easy application through small incisions
  • A benefit of the Fastlok instruments is that the Sliding Hammer attaches to the Impactor Assembly to remove staples

Product Documents

  • » Fastlok Instructions for Use
  • » Impactor Assembly Sliding Hammer Instructions for Use
  • » Fastlok White Paper

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