For Tissue Approximation

Poly-Tapes are open weave mesh implants which are available in various widths (ranging from 5-50 mm) and lengths (ranging from 500-800 mm).  They are also available as single thickness or tubular devices.


Poly-Tapes are intended for tissue approximation, including use in reconstructing damaged or torn ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues according to the surgeon’s own preferred technique, and at his/her discretion. Particular indications include:

  • Quadriceps tendon reconstruction
  • Patellar tendon reconstruction
  • Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction
  • Achilles tendon reconstruction
  • Stabilization of the dislocated peroneal tendon
  • Stabilization of the dislocated acromioclavicular joint with associated disruption of the coracoclavicular ligaments,

Poly-Tapes are also supplied for soft tissue (tendon and ligaments) fixation to bone with a Fastlok fixation device during orthopaedic reconstruction procedures.

Order codes

  • Standard Poly-Tapes (supplied sterile):
  • 102-1086 Poly-Tape, 5 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1087 Poly-Tape, 7 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1010 Poly-Tape, 10 mm x 500 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1080 Poly-Tape, 10 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1081 Poly-Tape, 15 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1082 Poly-Tape, 20 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1083 Poly-Tape, 30 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • 102-1084 Poly-Tape, 40 mm x 800 mm (open weave)
  • Tube-Tapes (supplied sterile):
  • 102-1040 Tube-Tape, 7 mm (dia. 5 mm) x 500 mm (open weave)

Features and benefits

  • No requirement to harvest a soft tissue graft to reconstruct the ligament or tendon; reduces morbidity
  • Open weave structure acts as a scaffold, allowing tissue ingrowth which protects the Poly-Tape from abrasion and adds additional strength as it matures
  • Made from woven multifilament high tenacity polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) fibre, providing a soft flexible structure with high strength
  • Large range of sizes available to suit varying patient anatomy
  • Heat sealed ends prevent fraying and facilitate easier passage through bone tunnels and soft tissue
  • Compatible with the Fastlok™ fixation device, for fast, strong, fatigue resistant fixation
  • Tube-Tapes provide a double thickness mesh structure, which offers high strength with a reduced width

Product Documents

  • » Poly-Tape Instructions for Use
  • » Poly-Tape with Fastlok Instructions for Use (USA)
  • » Poly-Tape Instructions for Use (USA)
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