Shoulder Solutions

Neoligaments shoulder solutions

The Infinity-Lock Button System is a permanent implantable device for stabilization of acromioclavicular joint separations.

The Pitch-Patch is a single use device intended to be used for reinforcement of the rotator cuff following or during repair by suture or suture anchors, where weakness exists in the soft tissue.

For further information please visit the individual product pages: Infinity-Lock Button System and Pitch-Patch Open Technique.

Order codes

  • Infinity-Lock Button System: 102-1089 Infinity-Lock Button System: Infinity-Lock Tube-Tape 7 mm x 240 mm, Infinity-Lock Button 4 mm x 12 mm, Cannulated drill bit, plain shank to fit Jacobs Chuck 4.0 mm diameter x 120 mm, Guidewire 2.0 mm diameter x 150 mm
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: 202-1411 CC-Hook, with a curved end, Left
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: 202-1413 CC-Hook, with a curved end, Right
  • Pitch-Patch: 102-1090XI Pitch-Patch 30 mm x 20 mm
  • Pitch-Patch: 102-1091XI Pitch-Patch 35 mm x 25 mm

Features and benefits

  • Infinity-Lock Button System: Use the Infinity-Lock Button System for AC joint separation requiring a simple and replicable operative solution
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: Device and surgical technique designed by leaders in upper limb surgery
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: One size fits all, eliminating potential for mis-sizing and stocking issues
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: Woven polyester implant utilizes medical manufacturing techniques supported by over 30 years of data
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: Titanium alloy Button provides high strength, low profile fixation in the clavicle
  • Infinity-Lock Button System: Infinity-Lock Button System is a strong and reliable alternative ACJ repair method
  • Pitch-Patch: Suitable for Arthroscopic or Open technique, use the Pitch-Patch for reinforcement of the rotator cuff following repair by sutures or suture anchors
  • Pitch-Patch: Features a reinforced border and incorporates reinforced, prepared holes for the sutures, up to size #5
  • Pitch-Patch: Pitch-Patch is designed to fit the anatomy
  • Pitch-Patch: Pitch-Patch is available in two sizes to cover different tear sizes of the rotator cuff: 30 mm x 20 mm and 35 mm x 25 mm
  • Pitch-Patch: Testing has shown a very high average strength of over 400 N and 550 N for the medium and larger patches respectively
  • Pitch-Patch: Unlike biological tissue, the polyester material used for the Pitch-Patch does not cause any immunological reaction

Product Documents

  • » Infinity-Lock Button System Instructions for Use
  • » Infinity-Lock Button System Surgical Technique Manual
  • » Pitch-Patch Instructions for Use
  • » Pitch-Patch Surgical Technique Manual
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